Spring Cleaning: I’m Lovin’ It

I appreciate the delicious and nutritious recipes that Erica adds to our blog site. But I have to confess something.  I’ve been eating at McDonald’s since I was two. 
One of my Mom’s favorite things to do is to shop.  I was her “Shopping Buddy” from the time I was a few months old till I got my first job in high school.  Any mother who’s taken her toddler shopping knows kids get bored.  As soon as I would get fussy, my Mom would get me a little packet of McDonald’s french fries. And then we’d be golden just like those famous arches for a few more hours at the mall.
I’ve been visiting McDonald’s less since I joined a friendly Slimdown Challenge, but found myself in one of their booths recently for one of the most memorable times there ever.  My son was at his school’s activity night on a Friday, and I needed to occupy my time for a few hours.  On a “whim” I thought I’d go to McDonald’s and write my blog on spring cleaning.  I got cozy, opened the chromebook and after I’d added some things to our google calendar, a stranger approached me.

” ‘Scuse me, but can I ax you somethin’?”  I looked up feeling a little surprised and said “Uh, sure.”  He said, “I just came up here from Atlanta, and I’m stayin’ with family.  I’m thinkin’ of moving to Wisconsin.  What do you like about livin’ here?” Moving to Wisconsin from Athens, Georgia eight years ago, it was easy for me to compare and share.  James seemed eager for conversation.  After we talked for about 15 minutes, I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit, so I asked James if I could pray for him.  His face softened, and he said he would like that.  He put his hand out, I took it, then prayed.  I thanked the Lord for bringing James to Wisconsin, for his family and that He would help everything work out if it was His will for a move.  When I was finished, James earnestly thanked me, then proceeded to tearfully share more about his tough background.  I felt honored to listen and to be trusted.

There have been more times than I care to remember where I’ve passed opportunities to actually share the gospel with someone, but I did not want to pass this chance up with James.  I prayed silently, “Lord, help me share Your Word with this man.  Help me know how to encourage James in You.” 
God was gracious, and He opened the door to me to share the good news.  I keep a small supply of tracts in my purse, and sadly, they go unused.  Not tonight though.  As I shared, James asked thoughtful questions, and I felt the Spirit helping me along.  It felt glorious being used to plant seeds in a hungry heart.
Before I knew it, I needed to pick up my son.  As we parted company, James asked me to keep praying for him.  I told him I certainly would be praying for him.  
When I do a spring cleaning inventory of my service to the Lord, evangelism is always an area of weakness.  I get tongue-tied, distracted or allow myself to feel intimidated and inadequate.  Can you relate?
I am incredibly thankful to the Lord for moving James to initiate conversation with me that evening.  I am thankful God gives us what we need to serve Him and others.  I am thankful God let me serve Him by showing compassion and kindness to a lonely stranger at McDonald’s.  I’m glad God disrupts our plans to fit into His plans.  Please pray for James with me… that God will continue to draw him to Himself and that He will protect our new friend from the evil one.
In Joyful Surrender,

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