Spring Cleaning: Awww, Spring!

Finally!! After one of the longest winters I can remember – I can see signs of spring! The snow is gone, the robins are back, and I even see some buds on our trees! Yay! I love Spring. It is my favorite time of year. I couldn’t wait for it to be a tad warmer so I could open all my windows and let the fresh air in and force the stale winter smell out of my home.

The forecast that day said it would be “sunny and 60”! I prepared my cleaning supplies, found some boxes and labeled them “Give Away”, “Put Away” and put “Throw Away” labels on garbage bags. I couldn’t wait to remove all the clutter that piled up over the long winter.  I decided the first area to de-clutter would be my bedroom closet. I quickly open windows and begin my spring cleaning!

Did I mention that we live in the country? Yep, the fresh air I was hoping would pour into my home and fill it with the sweet smell of spring instead now filled my home with the smell of barn yard animals!! Not exactly what I had in mind.

I quickly closed the windows, and my desire to clean was gone. I was looking forward to a time to refresh my home. But alas . . . I would have to wait.  Ugh!

As I looked around the room scanning the pile of clutter I had begun to pull out of our closet, it seemed overwhelming.  My mind began to wander into other areas of our lives that get cluttered over time, like our relationships for instance.  Hummm, maybe I could work on that today. I didn’t need to open the windows for that.

I thought about our key human relationships and thought of my marriage. I realized that it too can get cluttered with feelings of un-forgiveness or un-released memories of being hurt. Maybe my marriage also needs to be freshened up periodically. I don’t want things to pile up so much that it becomes too overwhelming to deal with. I decided to start my spring cleaning in the area of my marriage.

When I do Spring cleaning in my home, I use a method I learned from Emilie Barnes. She developed a program called More Hours in My Day. In it she taught me a system using boxes (or bags) to declutter. They are Put away, Throw Away, and Give Away.

So, how do I de-clutter my marriage? I thought about how I could use this same system to do it. Humm, stay tuned to my May article for details! Happy Spring!

In Joyful Surrender, 



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