Time For Some Spring Cleaning!

Despite the fact that the calendar says it is already spring here in Wisconsin, we’ve had several chilly, blustery days recently, and even some snow.  But the sunshine and warmer weather today bring hope that spring will actually arrive, so our blog team has been busy thinking about doing some spring cleaning.  

While our team is itching to do some typical spring cleaning around our homes, what we’ve really been thinking about is spring cleaning our souls.  

It can be so easy as the weather gets warmer to fill up our days with activities and traveling and get-togethers, and before we know it our life it so full of good things that the best thing in our life…our relationship with our Lord…has taken a backseat.  And when our relationship with God isn’t our highest priority and desire, every other area of our life suffers.

So as we begin to evaluate the cleanliness and order of our homes this spring, and devote time to making them more beautiful, let us place an even higher priority on evaluating our hearts and lives, and asking God if there is anything personally that we need to devote attention to. 

Join us over the next couple of weeks for a spring cleaning series, with posts on “spring cleaning” our daily walk with the Lord, our bodies, our relationships, and more!


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