Easy Fall Oatmeal

The temperatures are dropping, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are falling.  Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of oatmeal this time of year?!  (Okay, I know some people have had bad experiences with oatmeal growing up and now can’t even look at the stuff.  But for the rest of you, read on…)

Recently I’ve concocted what I think is a fantastic fall oatmeal.  It is a super easy recipe, and you can adapt it to suite your individual tastes:


A shot of a pumpkin, focused on its stem.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Plain oats (Old fashioned or quick oats)

-Milk or water to make your oats

-Pumpkin puree

-Walnuts (or any other nut you like)

-Flax seed meal (or chia seeds)

-Brown sugar


1) Make your oats according to the directions, with milk or water.

2) Mix your cooked oats with a dollup of pumpkin, a handful of walnuts, a sprinkle of flax seed meal, and however much brown sugar suites your fancy!

There you have it: a delicious, nutritious fall breakfast!

In Joyful Surrender,



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