Loving the Giver

Lately, I have had many reminders that God loves giving good and perfect gifts to His children.  We have had the blessing recently of receiving many things that went beyond meeting our basic needs, where God blessed us with things that we wanted or had hoped for.  My response has been to thank Him every time it comes to mind, because I am truly grateful.  Yet while I know God is pleased with my grateful heart, I have sensed a gentle urging to not get too focused on the gifts.  It has been as though God is reminding me that while He delights in me enjoying the gifts He gives, my greatest joy and pleasure in this life should always be motivated by loving the Giver.

As I continue to contemplate this today, I encourage you to evaluate your heart.  Is God truly your all-consuming passion, giving you greater joy than anything else in this life?  Or is there something or someone that has become an idol for you, consuming more of your time or attention or affection than God?

Sometimes these can be hard questions to answer honestly.  But if there is anything that has become a greater love for you than God, He is ready and willing to forgive.  Confess your sin and then yield yourself afresh to Jesus.  He is faithful to forgive and waiting with open arms.

In Joyful Surrender,



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