Moments Like These

With every passing year, I seem to become more aware that life is often hard.  Whether it is challenging things that I must walk through, or seeing someone I love hurting, the reality is that we will have difficulties in this life.

The other day I read this daily devotional written by one of the ladies at Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Though the author speaks of responding to God after the pain of rejection, I think her exhortation to praise God applies to all the difficult things we walk through in this life.  “Praise heals brokenness in a way words alone cannot.  When we praise through our pain, God supernaturally empowers us to do what seems impossible: rise above our circumstances.”

Whatever it is you are walking through today, ask God to give you the strength to praise Him in the midst of it!


Praise (Photo credit: listentothemountains)

Your circumstances may not change but by fixing your heart on Him, He will remind you of all that you have in Jesus.  And He has promised us that that is enough!


In Joyful Surrender,





2 thoughts on “Moments Like These

  1. Yes, Erica, I fully agree with you and it is God’s will for us to praise Him in all things. So glad to be able to respond to this blog and in a way connect with ladies from the church. God is good and He has proved Himself faithful to me in all of my life. A grandma and wife and mom,Judy Brown

  2. Thanks for your timely thoughts. I have been trusting in Psalm 30 and it too talks of praise in trial! Not easy to do when we feel God has turned his back but that lasts “only for a moment” . Joy comes in the morning and our hearts can sing again! We will give praise forever!
    Jean (I began my “trial” on July 30th so chose that Psalm to read that day. Mighty message for me.)

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