Scrolling through Facebook recently, a quote posted by a friend caught my attention: “Don’t try to turn this world into the paradise you long for.  Right now you get grace to deal with this unparadise.  Paradise is coming,” (Paul David Tripp).

Now, I’m not exactly sure what Mr. Tripp meant by “don’t try to turn this world into the paradise you long for.”  I’d rather not get hung up on that, as I doubt he meant that we shouldn’t try to make the world around us a better place, or that we shouldn’t seek out ways to add beauty to our life and the lives of those around us.  But what got me thinking was his reminder that the world we live in today–this broken, hurting, dying, unparadise of a world–is not our ultimate resting place as Christians.  It’s as though in saying “don’t try to turn this world into the paradise you long for”, he is acknowledging that we all ache for something more and sometimes go to great lengths to try and create that something for ourselves.

We all know deep down that we were created for something more, and that even the most wonderful and amazing things we experience in this world somehow don’t entirely satisfy us.   The reality is that this world will never fully satisfy us because we were created to be fulfilled and satisfied in God alone.  I am grateful that we can experience aspects of this satisfaction this side of Heaven, but so looking forward to the day when I will know God’s fulfillment in it’s fullest!  What peace it gives me knowing that “paradise is coming”!

In Joyful Surrender,



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