Cool Cucumber Salad

It’s a hot one out there!  In honor of summer, tonight I’d like to share one of my favorite summer recipes from growing up: Cool Cucumber Salad.  Now, when I say recipe, what I really mean today is “list of ingredients”.  As is the case with many family recipes, there really isn’t an exact recipe…we just know what the ingredients are and throw everything together in whatever amount we happen to have on hand!

This salad works well as a side dish and is meant to be served cold.  It is a great addition to any backyard bbq or picnic, but also works well for an every day meal.  For those of you who planted cucumbers in your garden this year, hold on to this recipe because it is a delicious way to use up all those cukes you’ll be getting soon!

English: Nostrano cucumber


-Cucumber, washed and diced (I prefer to leave the peel on for the extra fiber and other nutrients, but it works great without the peel, as well)

-Tomatoes, washed and diced

-1 can of unsalted chickpeas, drained and rinsed

-1 6-ounce package block feta cheese, cut into chunks

-Fresh basil, to taste

-Italian seasoning, to taste

-Balsamic vinaigrette dressing, to taste


1. Mix all ingredients together and serve immediately.  Can also be kept chilled overnight to allow the flavors to really come together!

There you have it: Cool Cucumber Salad.  Enjoy!

In Joyful Surrender,