The Brat Fry

Saturday morning dawned blustery with threatening skies and 50 degree temperatures- perfect day in MAY for holding a hot dog & brat fry fundraiser.  I donned my wool sweater, windproof jacket, leather gloves, and thick warm socks and headed out to face the challenge.  My eyebrows meet my hairline as I read my devotion that morning: “Thank Me for your problems…bring it to ME with thanksgiving… Then ask ME to show you MY way to handle it,” (Jesus Calling by Sarah Young). “Hmmmmm,” I wondered what God had in mind.

Our team arrived at Wal-mart eager and ready to go. We set up tables at each of the two entrances, fired up the grill, plugged in our Nescos and were open for business.

Or not.

High winds kept blowing the flame out on the grill; we moved the grill.

Only one electrical outlet worked to plug in our Nescos; we consolidated two stations into one.

Rain began pelting us; we moved condiments, napkins, pop, chips and Nescos underneath the one remaining table.

The Nescos struggled to keep our 20 grilled brats and hot dogs warm, as the lid blew off and they were not getting power.

What to do?  Let’s eat!

We were already hungry so a few of us dug in and ate.  Our group leader decided let’s sell or eat the 20 we have and call it a day.  Well….shoppers noticed us eating and eventually wandered over… so we finally started selling.  The rain stopped, the sun came out.  It remained chilly and windy, but we ended up selling all of the brats.

As our team transitioned from Plan A to Plan B to Plan Z, amidst all of our challenges, the one thing I never heard from any of our team members was grumbling or complaining.  God gave us the ability to persevere, keep our attitudes focused on solutions and He gave us success.

A verse from Philippians came to mind: “Do everything without grumbling and arguing…then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.” (Phil. 2:14-16)

In Joyful Surrender, 



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