Who Am I?

Ever asked yourself that question?  Ever pondered whether you’re truly living the life you’re supposed to live?

When we’re experiencing uncertainty in our lives–maybe feeling insecure about who exactly God created us to be or what direction He wants us to head–it can be tempting to park our minds on this question.  Who am I?

While a bit of self-analysis can at times be helpful, there is danger in dwelling there.

Because suddenly you can become self-focused and self-absorbed, all in an effort to figure out who you are.

I ran across this great quote by Elisabeth Elliot recently: “The point is NOT finding out who you are.  Everyone is asking, ‘Who am I?’ and trying to ‘find themselves.’  I would like to say to the whole Christian world, ‘Would you just forget it!  Get off that question forever and ask WHOSE am I?  Then direct your energies not to finding out who you are, but to finding out who God is, WHO has called you.'”

May we trust that in keeping our hearts and minds steadfastly focused on God, He will make clear to us who we are, in light of who He is!

In Joyful Surrender



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